RIP Weirdstuff Warehouse

Weirdstuff Warehouse was an electronics warehouse located near the Yahoo and Lockheed Martin campuses in Sunnyvale. As of April 8th, 2018, Weirdstuff Warehouse has closed for good.

Although I was not aware of the warehouse until a few months ago, it will forever hold a special place in my heart. One of my fondest memories of the warehouse was buying a broken laptop for $15 and being able to repair it myself with parts bought from Central Computers. I remember walking around the many aisles and seeing journals and magazines that were published before I was born.

Weirdstuff Warehouse didn’t sell just old computer parts, they sold a vast array of all things tech. From old VHS movies to oscilloscopes, they sold much more than just computer parts; they sold memories.

Here are pictures that I took on my last Weirdstuff trip back in January:


The entrance to Weirdstuff Warehouse.


Relatively new computers that were for sale. 


More monitors and other things for sale. On the right hand side you see the Apple logo, which is where Weirdstuff put all the Apple products for sale.


A whole bunch of hard drives!


Laptops and other things for sale.


More laptops for sale! Most of these seem to be old business laptops with the RAM and hard drive removed.


Weirdstuff sold cable racks as well, in addition to old office chairs (not pictured).


A various array of laptop cables, sold for $1 each.


Some old VHS tapes! I remember watching VHS movies as a child and having to rewind them.


If I recall correctly, this was in the Apple section. I’m not too familiar with Apple computers, so I am not sure what model or year this monitor was. 


Another picture of the Apple stuff that was for sale.


WordPerfect is a word processing application that predates Microsoft Word. 


Technical journals for scientists of what was then called the Bell System. From 1985 to 1996, the journals were published under the title AT&T Technical Journal, and from 1983 to 1984 the journals were published under the title AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal. 


These journals are much older! It’s a little hard to tell from the picture but it looks like these were published in the 60s. The Bell System Technical Journals were published from 1922 to 1983, when Bell Systems underwent restructuring (as a result of the United States v. AT&T case).


More journals!


I believe that this is some sort of PDA organizer, used way back when smartphones weren’t in existence. It’s almost difficult to imagine a time where people didn’t have smartphones; it’s become so commonplace to have one now. 

RIP Weirdstuff Warehouse, you will be missed! 

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